How to play Thunderball?

Thunderball lottery is a united kingdom based lottery held four times a week Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Thunderball lottery results held sharp at 8:30 Pm. Anyone can buy Thunderball lottery tickets from the retailers and also online from the websites. There are almost 40,000+ retailers active in the united kingdom who are providing Thunderball lottery. To play Thunderball is very simple as it costs 1 for a single line to play the Thunderball lottery.

There is a need to choose the six numbers to participate in the Thunderball lottery. Moreover, one should have to make a selection regarding the Thunderball number and main number. The choice to make a selection for Thunderball number in between 1 to 14 numbers.

How to play Thunderball?

Also, there is a choice to make a selection for the main number that is between 1 to 39. One should choose the five main numbers and one Thunderball number. The selection made with the mind game although there is a great opportunity to win the jackpot of 500,000. Also, the prizes are not enough with the jackpot money you can also win the prizes according to numbers you have matched. Even you can win the minimum prize of 3 by matching only Thunderball numbers. So we can say that there is an equal opportunity for everyone on the result day to win the Thunderball prize.

How to play the Thunderball lottery?

  • You can play Thunderball by following the few steps you will have a better understanding of before playing the Thunderball lottery.
  • Choose the five main numbers from 1 to 39 and 1 Thunderball numbers from 1 to 14.
  • You can choose the number by yourself also you can o for a lucky dip or number generator to generate the most possible lucky number for you.
  • Next, you need to choose how many lines you want to enter on a payslip. There is an opportunity to have seven lines on a single play slip and you can choose ten-play slip at a time for the Thunderball lottery.
  • Purchase the Thunderball lottery ticket before the time of buying the ticket becomes over.
Note: You can buy the Thunderball lottery until the hour before the draw held.

After all these wait for the Thunderball lottery result, you can have the lottery results from the official website. Moreover, the BBC also lives telecast the Thunderball lottery results.

Join Groups:

You can also play the Thunderball lottery by joining the syndicates, where the player related to the Thunderball lottery present. In those syndicates, you can draw more lines on the payslip without paying any extra cost. That cost will divide into all the players of the syndicates.


There is an option to play the Thunderball lottery from the retailers. Over 40000+ retailers are available in the UK who are dealing with the Thunderball lottery. So you can have your lottery from them through your debit card Table for prize distribution:

Prize claim:

You can claim the prize within 180 days of winning the prize. The claiming of the prize money depends on how you have played the Thunderball if you have played through the syndicates, those groups will help you to transfer your money.


Thunderball lottery held four days a week on Tuesday Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday sharp at8:30. So you need to play the Thunderball lottery carefully to win the massive jackpot. You can play through syndicates, online, and also through retailers. Moreover, you can claim the winning prize money within 180 days. The procedure for transferring money depends on how have you played the Thunderball lottery.

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