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Lotto HotPicks Results is a game that uses the same numbers from the lotto main draw for winning the prizes, but it offers different winning prizes than the lotto lottery. In the lotto hotpicks, there is a great opportunity for the players to choose how much they are going to play for. In this lottery, there is a prize ranging from £6 to £350,000. You can win £6 by matching a single number and £350,000 by successfully matching all the five numbers.

There are 1 to 59 numbers available for the selection of the lotto hotpicks, you need to make the selection of five numbers in all those numbers. The lotto hot picks draw was held on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. You can view the latest results for the lotto hotpicks here on the website.

Lotto HotPicks

Lotto HotPicks Results

Lotto HotPicks Results Tonight

Saturday 26th December 2020


How to play lotto hotpicks?

There are 1 to 59 numbers available in the lotto hotpicks, that you can choose for entering in the draw. Moreover, if you are participating in the main lotto draw then you can use the same numbers for lotto hotpicks. Like the main lotto lottery draws lotto hotpicks also cost £1 per line so you can choose that by having a look at the lotto breakdown option available.

You need to match all the five numbers from the lotto hotpicks draw to win the prize of £350,000. You can choose the numbers generator too for selecting the numbers in hotpicks to make sure you are choosing the numbers randomly. The draw takes place on Wednesday at 8:00 PM and on Saturday at 7:45 PM so one should participate before the closing of the tickets till 7:30 PM. you cannot choose the same numbers so you need to choose the numbers through the numbers generator.


The Lotto hotpicks is the lottery same as the England-based lotto lottery. The draw for this lottery is held on Wednesday and Saturday sharp at 8:00 PM and 7:45 PM. Moreover, you can win the big prize of £350,000 by matching all the five numbers with the draw numbers. You can choose the five numbers from all the available 59 numbers. Also, you can decide how many numbers and money you want to spend on the lotto hotpicks.

How does the lotto hotpicks work?

Game Type Selection

  • Pick 1 Choose one number from 1 to 59 numbers available
  • Pick 2 Choose two numbers from 1 to 59 numbers available
  • Pick 3 Choose three numbers from 1 to 59 numbers available
  • Pick 4 Choose four numbers from 1 to 59 numbers available
  • Pick 5 Choose five numbers from 1 to 59 numbers available

Lotto hotpicks is the same lottery as the main lotto lottery. You can choose the five random numbers for participating in the lottery from all available 59 numbers. You can randomly choose the numbers and win the prize of £350,000. The draw is held twice in the week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To participate in the lottery and enjoy the opportunity of winning massive prizes.

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