Set For Life Results Thursday 1st October 2020

Set for life results held twice in the week on Monday and Thursday at 9:00 PM. However, Thursday the fourth day of the week is the second day for the lottery’s draw. You can check the results on the website shortly after the draw held. If you have a lottery, you can check the results instantly here.
Set for life history
You don’t need to rush for the retailers and lottery stores because you can check your results here without any problem. Also, the result of the checker is the most convenient thing to use for checking the results that shows the most convenient and possible quick results.
Moreover, the winner of the set for life lottery can claim their winning prize within 180 days since the draw held.
Within 180 days, he can get his winning prize; otherwise, the lottery becomes invalid. Also, results can be claimed online, from retailers, and even contacting the helpline of the national lottery. The way of claiming depends on how you bought your lottery. You can win the maximum prize of 10,000 for 30 years and many other prizes with a minimum prize of 5.
The lottery buying costs just 1.50 for one number selection as you need to select six numbers, including five main numbers and one life ball. Final words: The set for life held on Thursday and is considered the second day of the week for results. As soon as draw held results would be published here.

Thursday 1st October 2020

Draw Number: 2669

 Jackpot: £10,000


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