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Welcome, everyone! Are you looking for the Thunderball past results? You are at the perfect place where you can have all the Thunderball Result history, past results, and previous details of the Thunderball lottery draw.

You have a ticket, but you didn’t check your previous results yet, No worries Thunderball lottery results valid for 180 days after the Thunderball draw held so anyone could check the results within 180 days of their lottery ticket. The history of Thunderball lottery results is briefly explained here. Thunderball ball firstly found on 12 June 1999 in the UK.

Thunderball Result History

Saturday 14th November 2020 Check Results
Friday 13th November 2020 Check Results
Wednesday 11th November 2020 Check Results
Tuesday 10th November 2020 Check Results
Saturday 7th November 2020 Check Results
Friday 6th November 2020 Check Results
Wednesday 4th November 2020 Check Results

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When the lottery originated in the past, it started to draw in one day of the week. But the change in time and gaining popularity in the Thunderball Result History in the I’ve amendment has made from the previous one. Everyone has equal chances to multiply their invested amount minimum is £1 on one line of the lottery.

Thunderball results history

Thunderball draw results determined to hold in four days of the week, so participants have more chances to win the national lottery. As in the Thunderball draw history, everyone who’ll buy the lottery tickets has equal opportunities to win the Thunderball lottery because the lottery can win with the mind and your intelligence skills. In the past, if someone decided to buy the Thunderball lottery so that they can buy from retailers.

UK’s Thunderball

But now if someone wants to buy the Thunderball lottery they can buy online easily through the official website of the Thunderball lottery results. Furthermore, Thunderball lotteries can buy from the authorized retailers available in your country. Just in the UK, there are about 40,000+ accredited etailers who can sell the Thunderball lotteries.

£500,000 Thunderball Winner

For buying the Thunderball lottery in Uk, the buyer must attain the age of 16, the age of less than 16 cannot buy the Thunderball lotteries. There is a need to choose the number with five main balls and one with the Thunderball. The more amount you matched your ticket with the Thunderball winning draw, there are more chances to win the prize of £500,000.

The UK Thunderball past results prize range is £3 to £500,000. Everyone has excellent opportunities to multiply their money with just the cost of a few pounds just like the Thunderball Result History. There were a lot of winners in Thunderball’s past results. The draw history of Thunderball’s past results is held four days a week, like on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night. You can buy the tickets before the draw held. Tickets available on the site at 7:30 PM, and results held at 8:00 PM for the following days. The draw is live telecast on BBC tv channel. previous results can also be checked from the site.


Previous UK Thunderball lottery results, the past results are available there with the latest ones. The lottery results held four days a week so anyone can win the £3 to £500,000 prize amount, but in the past, it was not the same. In the Thunderball past results, it was held once in the week. It’s a mind and skilled game so that anyone can win the lottery.

No one can predict the next coming number because nobody is aware of what’s coming next. So hold your nerves and play wisely to win a jackpot prize. Old Thunderball results can be checked anytime from the site.

What wins on the Thunderball lottery?

You can win a prize of £3 to £500,000 from the Thunderball lottery. As there is a break down of winning the prize amount so you can win the award according to the number of tickets matched with the lucky number.

  • If there is a matching of one Thunderball number, you can win £3.
  • Incase one leading ball with one Thunderball £5
  • Two main shots with one Thunderball £10
  • Furthermore, three main number £10
  • Three main shots with one Thunderball £20
  • Four leading digits £100
  • Four main shots with one Thunderball £250
  • Five main numbers £5000
  • Five main shots with one Thunderball £500,000

What is the results time of the Thunderball lottery?

Thunderball results updated on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday sharp at 8:00 PM.

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