Thunderball Results Wednesday 18th November 2020

Thunderball results Wednesday firstly originated on June 12, 1999. UK national Lottery firstly held the Thunderball lottery game, Camelot was the head of the Thunderball lottery results. From the first draw till now several changes have been made in the Thunderball lottery.

Thunderball Result

Thunderball Results Wednesday

Firstly, the Thunderball lottery draw held only two days of the week before 2002; those were Tuesday and Saturday. After that small changes have been made. On the other hand, the Thunderball game made an addition of another drawn day. In 2002, Wednesday was also added to the list of days drawn.

Thunderball Results Tonight

Tuesday 17th November 2020

Draw Number: 2669

 Jackpot: £500,00


CategoryWinnersPrize (£)
Match 5 + Thunderball-£500,000
Match 5-£5,000
Match 4 + Thunderball-£250.00
Match 4-£100.00
Match 3 + Thunderball-£20.00
Match 3-£10.00
Match 2 + Thunderball-£10.00
Match 1 + Thunderball-£5.00
Match 0 + Thunderball-£3.00

Thunderball results today provide opportunities for the public to earn quick and easy money without doing much hard work and without investing many resources. There is complete accuracy regarding the national lottery results. With some pounds, anyone can have great chances to participate in winning the prize money.


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