Thunderball results Wednesday 29th July 2020

Thunderball Lottery results draw held four days a week. Thunderball results Wednesday is the second day of the week when the draw held after Tuesday. The results of the Thunderball lottery updated on the night of Wednesday. The Thunderball results held almost from 8:00 to 8:15 PM and updated on the website instantly. If you have a Thunderball lottery and your draw held on you can check your Thunderball lottery results here as soon as the draw held by the UK authorities.

Thunderball results Wednesday

Thunderball results-Wednesday

If the Thunderball numbers matched with the lucky draw you can be the winner of Thunderball lottery. The lucky participants of the Thunderball lottery can claim their prizes within 180 days since the draw held. The Thunderball results tonights can make you a winner of the lottery if you have played with your all skills and mind.

The next draw of Thunderball results will be held on Friday night the lottery holder can check their luck to win biggest Thunderball lottery prize of £500,000. If you want to check any past results or want to know about the history of Thunderball results Tuesday you can have a look at here.

Final words:

Further, Thunderball results held on Wednesday that is to be considered the second day of the week for the Thunderball results. Thunderball results update here from 8:00 to 8:15 PM and you can check from here. Thunderball results will live held on BBC. If you have your lottery number stay with us to know about the biggest Thunderball results.

Thunderball Results Tonight

Wednesday 29th July 2020
Draw Number: 2669

 Jackpot: £500,000


CategoryWinnersPrize (£) Total (£)
Match 5 + Thunderball 1£500,000£500,000
Match 50 £5,000£0
Match 4 + Thunderball21 £250£5,250
Match 4335 £100 £33,500
Match 3 + Thunderball831 £20£16,620
Match 311,395£10£113,950
Match 2 + Thunderball9,362 £10 £93,620
Match 1 + Thunderball38,532 £5£192,660
Match 0 + Thunderball49,050 £3£147,150

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